Can't sleep!

It is almost 2 in the morning. I cant sleep. Actually i had my nap around 9pm just now cause of very bad headache. Now i am wide awake, blur cause cant continue my beautiful sleep. I had tried but still cant..

I had my very bad headache since morning at work. Scared of high BP cause before this docs wanted me to monitor my BP due to high risk of getting hypertension since my BP quite high lately. It scares me to death. I dont want to commit on medicine for this whole life. How I wish there's miracle of not getting high BP at this young age. Scary you know? Uhhhh...

Hubby was not coming back today. Actually I wanted him to be home today since I am not feeling well. Who knows his hug can cure all the illness on the spot. I really miss him. Being far makes me sick. I dont like to be far from him. Enough for the past 5 years. Hmmm. Kinda moody when he is not around. Lonely. Very lonely. I dont like to be alone cause I will think toooo much..

Waited him to text me for so long. Guess he is out of credit since that was what he told me before.. Hope he is doing well there. I miss you so much,hubby. Cant wait to meet and see you again. Miss your hugs.

Guess I need to stop now. Will try my very best to get sleep again. Have to work and wake up early. Oh no! Good night bloggers. Till we meet again..
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